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The Pre-Sent Moment

A moment has been sent to you. Sounds a bit crazy but we have moments sent to us every second of our lives - but we ignore them. We get so busy working, picking up the kids, watching TV, cleaning the house, going to work, reading a book, cooking dinner, having a drink, and the list goes on. Currently we call this the present or the pre-sent moment.

This is your reality right now. The past is your past, the future is not here yet. Your reality is right now, every second. When we are worried, anxious, or living in fear we are not living in the pre-sent moment. We are living in the past repeating past experiences and behaviours over and over again. Or we are in our future, not planning for it but wishing it was different or worrying about what might happen. The past cannot be changed, lets accept it, learn the intended lessons and release the negative emotions from the past. The future is not written yet, plan for the best and get on with it.

So sit still, turn off the TV, shut down the mobile phone and just be. How does your body feel, sitting, standing, or laying down. Notice your breath, take in deeper breath, how that feel? Close your eyes and relax your whole body. Connect with yourself and your surroundings.

Releasing the past and the ‘what if’ in our future is key to living for the now. If this is your reality right now, life must be good. The rest is just part of the journey.

Go on, give yourself permission to release all of that worry, fear, and anxiety. Laugh more, have fun living a life that matters, love openly, living fully.

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