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Welcome to my first blog

Welcome to the first blog for Your Mind Matters.

When getting ready to start this blog I had to ask myself, what is my purpose for writing this blog and connecting with people? The reason I choose to become a coach was to help others find the inner peace and growth living a life that matters, loving fully and living openly – whatever that means to you. Live your life your way.

So I decided to write about issues I have had and how I have overcome them or made sense of them in my world. So my purpose of writing this blog is to share my story, provide guidance and support if needed and to share my knowledge on growth and how it can change your life.

Let’s be realistic, personal growth is not something you can just quickly do, it takes time and thought by the individual and it is mostly trying to figure out what it is you want. Most of us are focused on what we don’t want we forget about what is wanted.

As this is a blog for you, please comment and make suggestions on topics you would like covered and if I can I will write what I know about it. I will be in touch once a week and as my business grows this may increase.

So let’s get started – my first blog is about getting into the now which I wrote about 5 years ago. I called it the Pre-sent moment.

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