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My passion lies in guiding women to find their inner strength and purpose, so they get the life they want – just like I did years ago.


I create a safe space to open up, share stories, practice tools and techniques, and meet other like-minded women who are going through similar struggles.

The change you can experience include:

•Develop self assurance and self care practices

•Achieve your personal goals

•Build confidence

•Create boundaries

•Connect with other woman.

I offer a twelve-week programme where you will be shown how to:

•Find your inner strength, determination and see your value

•Gain knowledge and understand how to execute tools and techniques to calm the inner critic 

•Build your self-assurance, self-awareness and confidence through conversation, activities and reflection

•Be in a safe, structured, relaxed and supportive space to question and discuss issues we are all facing

•Attend an event amongst a small group where everyone gets to contribute

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