How long have your felt lost?  How long has it been since your identify and sense of self faded into the background of a life lived exclusively for others. 


Hi I'm Tricia Sampson.   If you’re anything like me, by the time I realised my identify and direction was gone… it has been gone for a long long time….  and I had been blind to its absence.    So, here I was… unsure who I was, feeling unappreciated, realising for the first time that I hadn’t lived for myself…. ever.

I grew up with an abusive mother, I’ve experienced an abusive partner, I’ve had bullying bosses.   I’d always been terrified by what other’s thought of me.  I felt like I would shrivel up and die if I were ever made to look stupid… so I rarely took risks.

…I rarely lived...

TS Close up on beach.jpg