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How long have your felt lost?  How long has it been since your identify and sense of self faded into the background of a life lived exclusively for others. 


Hi I'm Tricia Sampson.   If you’re anything like me, by the time I realised my identify and direction was gone… it has been gone for a long long time….  and I had been blind to its absence.    So, here I was… unsure who I was, feeling unappreciated, realising for the first time that I hadn’t lived for myself…. ever.

I grew up with an abusive mother, I’ve experienced an abusive partner, I’ve had bullying bosses.   I’d always been terrified by what other’s thought of me.  I felt like I would shrivel up and die if I were ever made to look stupid… so I rarely took risks...

…I rarely lived.

I remember this time I applied for a job.  As part of the interview process, I had to take a personality test.  A day or so later, the test facilitator called to inform me he was going to ‘warn’ (his words) my potential employer not to employ me.


I got so upset and I gave myself shingles (comes from having chicken pox).  It was incredibly painful.   I couldn’t believe how powerful I had allowed my negative inner thoughts to get.  I got sick just from stress!  


I couldn’t do it anymore, so I started searching for answers.  


In my search I found a course that changed my life.  Now I want to teach you my version of what was taught to me…


…but my Masterclass is not for everybody….

It’s for women who, like me suffered from the paralyzing loss of identity, direction, passion, and love of life and self. Women who are done living in the shadows of others, and not doing anything for themselves. 

That is why I developed the Her Way, Her Life coaching programs 

In these programs I teach women to connect to their thoughts, their intuition, their heart, their truth so that she will shine, glowing in her own eyes as she knows that her opinion is the only one that truly matters.


I help you find clarity on the next chapter of your life.  You will get the focus and direction necessary to make this chapter the BEST chapter of your life.  You will be reintroduced to the amazing beautiful powerful person that is YOU....  and you'll figure out what you really want and learn how to go after it.   SO! 

If you noticed you were living for others and not yourself and finally want to do something about it, it's time to make a decision. 


Time for ACTION, give me a call today.

Today I have a peaceful mind, a joyful life, and I am focused, driven, and happy.

I know what is important to me.  I am capable, and I am convinced of my capability.

I make decisions based on what is important to me, not others.

Self-development is hard work...

...but the only inner work that actually matters.  

Join me to start living life your way.   

Loving life - Tricia Sampson

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