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I was going through a hard time and although I know that I am a strong person who copes well on my own, I knew I needed some help because things were just getting too much to handle.  As someone who does not like admitting that I am not coping well, it was extremely hard for me to seek help, but by a happy coincidence my brother knows Tricia and recommended that I ask her to help me and to let her coach me.  I connected well with Tricia from the very first session over Skype and I felt like she understood but did not try to sugar coat anything.  Her honesty was refreshing.  She helped me remember who I am and what I am passionate about.


She helped me reignite the strong and fierce me that was hiding due to circumstances.  Tricia reminded me that I am allowed to say no and that saying no for personal reasons are not selfish or rude but that it is necessary for health and mental reasons.  Tricia has taught me to focus on the positives every day and to see every hiccup as a challenge to be conquered.  She made me realise that I am not a person who fits into other people’s boxes and that it is okay not to. She has helped me to rediscover who I am and because of her I feel proud to be who I am. 


I would recommend Tricia to anyone who feels lost, unsure or overwhelmed.  I will forever be extremely grateful for what she has done for me.  ZR


Tricia, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to start changing my life my gave me support, helped me strengthen my own ideology of the direction I wanted my life to go. I had the ideas, I knew where I wanted to be, I knew the person that was trying to push forward to show her own self...I just didn't know how to get cleared the pathway of weeds that I was falling over and finally I see a clearway....thank you so much for allowing me to express myself, for allowing me to show you my fears, and for holding my hand through the whole 5 weeks.


 Yes I knew the answers but I was getting lost along the way and with your knowledge and understanding I can now start running with confidence and organisation and just being ME. Thank you xxx Tina T



I attended Tricia's Masterclass where we focused on goal setting and looking at where and how we form our habits. I have to start by saying, Tricia is so passionate and genuine about the work she is doing. This was the first thing that came through for me when speaking to her on the phone, and she created such a comfortable and safe space for us as a group of strangers to be in on the day.


Tricia was very knowledgeable and communicated this knowledge to us in easy and often humorous ways. She made it clear that we were the ones doing "the work," but because of her approachability and the atmosphere she facilitated amongst the group, it became a fascinating process to unfold some of my thinking patterns and priorities as opposed to difficult or scary (which I had initially expected it to be!) Following the one-day Masterclass I now have a much clearer picture of what I want to focus my energy and time on.

Tricia was a blend of professional and personable, and I would recommend anyone needing guidance with their goals and life direction take the opportunity to work with her.  Louisa Ness


I was put in touch with Tricia by a close friend who thought she might be able to help me put my thoughts into actions. I’ve always been pretty independent and able to make decisions for myself but for some reason, I have the ideas but lost the confidence and direction to put anything into action and have been feeling pretty low generally because of this which is very unlike me. 


Tricia provides me with the clarity I cant find myself and digs into underlying issues holding me back from achieving my goals. It's not therapy. Instead it's practical steps and changes in behaviour to move myself forward. Holding me accountable. For me, her coaching empowers me to take ownership of my situation, and my choices, and make tough decisions in order to live the life I want to lead and make decisions that push me forward.


It's not been an easy process as I have had to reveal quite personal stuff, but it's totally worth it and am looking forward to more sessions.  Valerie B


Tricia has a calm and genuine approach to her coaching that facilitates a trustworthy and comfortable space to work together. I can happily say our sessions were extremely successful as I experienced break throughs in multiple aspects of my life.

Her passion to coaching continuously translated through all our sessions, and without fail could see her aim was to help me improve while working on overcoming obstacles that were holding me back from reaching my full potential.  I would highly recommend getting in touch with her to anyone who’s looking to work on their personal growth to get the most out of life.  Terri Morris




The life coaching sessions I had with Tricia were very thought provoking and powerful.  Tricia gave me practical tools to identify self-limiting beliefs while working with my individual process, she held me accountable through respectful mentoring.


Tricia supported and encourage me to work with and eliminate the blockages which were stopping me from having the confidence to achieve my goals.  This process has been and continues to be life changing and I am more than happy to recommend Tricia as a life coach.  

Julie McPhee




I came across Tricia’s ad for life coaching and decided to contact her feeling that I had reached a point in my life that I was unsure of what way to go next.   Although I was initially sceptical I am so pleased that I made that leap. Tricia has given me new ways of coping with things that go on in my life. As well as realising the way my brain ticks.


I appreciate her patience and professionalism and hope to continue making changes in my life with the new skills I have gained.

Thank you for everything Tricia I hope that your new venture is a success.  Vanessa Brown

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