Change your life, your mind matters, tricia sampson

Her Way, Her Life Coaching Programs

My programs will give help you connect to your thoughts, your intuition, your heart, your truth so that you will shine, glowing in your own eyes as you know that your opinion is the only one that truly matters. You will get the focus and direction necessary to make this chapter the BEST chapter of your life.  You will be reintroduced to the amazing beautiful powerful person that is YOU....  and you'll figure our what you really want, and learn how to go after it.   SO! 

If you noticed you were living for others and not yourself and finally want to do something about it, its time to make a DECISION.  Time for ACTION, give me a call today. 

Change your life, your mind matters, tricia sampson

Coaching Programs

  • Six weeks programme (Get started, focus on changing mindset, setting boundaries, self connection)

  • Three month programme (Total overhaul, changing mindset, boundaries, connect to your inner truth, and learn how to just be you)

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